Cal Poly fraternity hires private security following Blackface photo scandal

Posted at 8:44 AM, Apr 11, 2018

The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has hired a private security guard to patrol the fraternity grounds, following backlash over a photo that appeared to show one of the members in "Blackface."

The photo, which was taken and posted to the internet April 7, has sparked outrage at Cal Poly. Students gathered in front of the Fraternitys’ quarters Monday for protests against the photo, calling for the members involved to be expelled. Days later, another photo surfaced of the brothers imitating gangsters.

San Luis Obispo Police said around 11:45 p.m. Monday night, four vandals were seen at the property as well. Witnesses reported four people in black hoodies throwing water balloons at the house. When police arrived, the suspects ran off and left behind a bag with water balloons inside. The suspects have not been located. 

KSBY sent a reporter to the house and found the security guard roaming the grounds. The guard confirmed to the student newspaper, Mustang News, that he was hired by the house.

The Fraternity has been placed on suspension both by the university and by the national Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Association while the photo is being investigated.

Lambda Chi brothers have apologized for the photo, saying it was a mistake and not meant to appear racially motivated. 

Students held a town hall about the photo, saying it made them feel unsafe and unwelcome and called on the university to take action.

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"Blackface" photo of Lambda Chi Fraternity members