Up and down temps this week

Posted at 4:33 PM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-14 20:41:30-04

Offshore winds return Tuesday for the Central Coast. These winds will not be particularly strong but strong enough to drive some warming temps Tuesday. We'll give up some of that heat Wednesday and Thursday before temps warm again into the weekend.

The reason for all this up and down trending in the temps is due to wave in the jet stream. Initially a ridge builds from now until late Tuesday but by late Wednesday another steep trough digs into cool us after that a larger ridge develops.

The eastern edge of a ridge moves in, Friday-Sunday, really strong NW winds will develop along the coast: 15-30 with stonger gusts. Next week we are under or west of the ridge which should drive warm temps and offshore Santa Lucia/Santa Ana winds. This pattern will not produce rain.

For Tuesday: Beaches will be back into the upper 60s with coastal valleys in the mid to upper 70s and inland valleys in the upper 80s.

Wednesday we cool across the board about 2-5 degrees.

Thursday is the coolest weekday with upper 60s and lower 70s near the coast with mid-70s inland.

Friday into the weekend in the mid-70s and lower 80s. Next week mid 80s could return inland and at the coast with offshore winds.