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New USPS Love stamp designs are out—and they’re so sweet

New USPS Love stamp designs are out—and they’re so sweet
Posted at 2:00 PM, Feb 02, 2023

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has revealed its new Forever postage stamps for 2023 that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first “Love” stamp. The two new Love stamps feature a kitten and a puppy, each with their front paws resting atop a big heart. Behind each animal is the word “LOVE” in all caps.

“The kitten and puppy each rest their front paws on a big red heart, which captures perfectly the love we have for these special creatures — and their love for us in return,” Judy de Torok, the Postal Service’s vice president of corporate relations, said in a statement. “I have a feeling these may be some of our most popular stamps ever.”

The stamps were “intended to evoke feelings of warmth and playfulness,” the statement says, and though the release was timed for Valentine’s Day cards, the stamps can “add sentiment and whimsy” to other cards or letters, too.


Texas Pets Alive shared photos of the dedication of the stamps. The event occurred at Austin Pets Alive!, a Texas animal shelter dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming cats and dogs. With adoptable pets on hand for the event, it was an opportunity to showcase the positive impact these organizations have on their communities. Pet-lover de Torok served as dedicating official for the ceremony.

“The US Postal Service was at Austin Pets Alive! last week for the unveiling of their newest Forever Love Stamp giving shelter pets a national stage to be recognized for their love,” the nonprofit organization shared on Facebook, along with photos from the event.

The stamps were designed by USPS Art Director Ethel Kessler, with original art painted with oils on wood panels created by Chris Buzelli. The designs were then scanned and edited digitally to create the finished product.

These Love stamps are part of USPS’s larger mission to make postal service more meaningful, personal and special for their customers. Their goal is to create stamps with more meaningful messaging, like the Love stamp, to connect with customers and better meet their needs.

The Love stamp series is now available at Post Office locations nationwide and online at the Postal Store at

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