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Velveeta teamed with a chocolatier to make chocolate cheese truffles

Velveeta teamed with a chocolatier to make chocolate cheese truffles
Posted at 7:00 AM, May 10, 2023

Of all the fillings you’re likely to find inside a chocolate truffle, melted cheese is probably not the first thing that comes to mind — but now it might be.

Velveeta teamed up with chocolate company Compartés Chocolatier to create what the brands say is the first-ever chocolate cheese truffle. Compartés x Velveeta TruffVels, the limited-edition chocolate that results from this collaboration, takes the creaminess of melted Velveeta cheese and combines it with chocolate, creating a “unique sensation unlike any other,” the companies claim.

The TruffVels are made with a white chocolate shell that looks like the pasta from a box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese. The chocolate was apparently created by infusing Compartes chocolate with Velveeta cheese sauce. Then, the shell is filled with actual Velveeta cheese.

Compartés Chocolatier

Two of life’s greatest pleasures are cheese and chocolate and we’ve already seen our pleasure seekers experiment with this combination across social media, so this collab was a no brainer,” Kelsey Rice, senior brand communications manager for Velveeta, said in a press release. “As a brand that’s all about making outrageous pleasure a way of life, we decided to bring these two flavors together to create the most outrageously elevated version of a cheesy, chocolatey recipe for our fans to enjoy.”

You can now buy a five-pack of the TruffVels for $24.95 for a short time on Compartes’ website. There is only a limited number of boxes available, so you can only get them while supplies last. You will want to place your order quickly. Also, note that shipping can add $14.95 to your order, but an Apple Pay discount can lower the price.

Compartés Chocolatier

Believe it or not, Velveeta is actually the second brand to team up with a chocolate company for a unique truffle this spring.

Earlier this month, Miller High Life and chocolatier Phillip Ashley created Bar Snack Truffles in a handful of flavors including Grilled Cheese, Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing and Buttery Popcorn. While the chocolates are meant to taste like the bar snack they’re named after, they are also infused with beer, so you’ll get both flavors in one treat.

The Bar Snack Truffles are currently still available, but likely won’t be around much longer, so you’ll want to grab some soon from Phillip Ashley’s website.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Do you love the combination of cheese and chocolate?

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