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Video Of Jennifer Garner Trying To Give Her Cat A Bath Is So Funny And Relatable

Video Of Jennifer Garner Trying To Give Her Cat A Bath Is So Funny And Relatable
Posted at 9:30 AM, Dec 07, 2021

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You know the old saying: “You can lead a cat to water, but if you do they’re going to scratch your eyes out?” Hmm, maybe that’s not how the saying goes, but we all know that cats and bathing don’t mix. Um, just one problem: No one told Jennifer Garner that.

Yes, the 49-year-old “Alias” star recently decided to bathe her cat Moose. The result? Pure pawdemonium.

Twitter user Isabel Alcántara helped make Garner’s now-infamous Instagram video go viral on Twitter when she shared it there:

In the video, Garner explained that poor Moose “pooped his pants,” and that he is “befouled.” Which is now officially our favorite word. She mightily struggles to wash the hefty cat (who has an “obesity problem” that Garner asks us not to make fun of), all the while sharing her hilarious stream-of-consciousness commentary and singing “Do You Know The Muffin Man” to Moose, bobbing his head to the tune.

“I’ve never met a nicer cat than this cat,” Garner says in the video. “Which is why I feel badly making fun of what’s happened to his butt.”

Although Garner left the scene scratched and bloody, Moose was thankfully de-fouled. And Twitter users now have the video to brighten their day:

Twitter user @twitrcritter writes:

@MeanLouise tweets:

And @allegedlyangelo says:

Yes, we fully agree with @OhGreatItsEli:

This isn’t the first time that Jennifer Garner and Moose have brought joy to our Twitter timelines. She was also spotted walking Moose in a pet stroller last year:

Here’s hoping 2022 brings us even more content of Jennifer Garner and Moose!

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