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Make Breakfast Sparkle With New Orange Glitter Syrup

Make Breakfast Sparkle With New Orange Glitter Syrup
Posted at 10:30 AM, Oct 15, 2020

Your breakfast is about to get a whole lot more magical thanks to Walmart’s new orange glitter syrup. The sparkly sweet stuff is perfect for Halloween, which is on a Saturday this year, meaning pancakes, waffles or french toast topped with this festive condiment is definitely in order.

The Great Value Orange Glitter Syrup is made with natural flavors and edible glitter and comes in a 12-ounce bottle.

The product description notes that the syrup would be great to pair with Great Value Halloween Sprinkle Pancake and Waffle Mix, though it would add some whimsical sparkle to any number of other breakfast goodies, too.


Twitter user @caylataughtyou whipped up some Halloween pancakes (with black and orange sprinkles inside) and topped them with the shimmery orange syrup.

Looks like the spooktacular meal was rounded out with some apple and sausage — yum!

Memphis DJ Michelle Lewis wrote on Twitter that her husband hates glitter, but if the glitter is presented in syrup form, it should be A-OK.

And Twitter user @DinosaurDracula was super-excited to find the glittery syrup on store shelves.

While the orange glitter syrup is a natural addition to breakfast staples, that’s really just the beginning. Squeeze a little sparkly syrup on top of ice cream for a fun and tasty Halloween-themed sundae. Or add a little syrup to roasted veggies for an unbeatable sweet-and-savory combo (and if it’s orange and glittery, that just may be a way to get your kids on board with eating their vegetables).

This spooky syrup is not the only festive Halloween-themed food product available this year. You can now kick off your mornings with monster donuts at Krispy Kreme washed down with a candy corn cold brew from the secret menu at Starbucks.

Krispy Kreme

Looking for an adults-only Halloween treat? Hocus Pocus canned wine will bring your Halloween girls’ night to the next level. Or grab agraveyard cookie-decorating kit for a fun (and yummy) crafting project the whole family can enjoy.

Do you have a favorite spooky-season snack?

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