Already strong winds will increase into Thursday afternoon

Posted at 4:14 PM, Apr 11, 2018

Already a number of wind advisories and warnings have been posted for strong NW winds for the Central and South Coasts.  NW winds 15-30mph with gusts to 45 are already possible in a large part of the area.  Winds will be strong again tomorrow as a front passes thru the area.  Tomorrow could see winds the SB county mtns. and Southcoast area hit local gusts near 60mph prompting that area to be in a warning starting at 6am Thursday.  That warning drops at 3am Friday while the wind advisory for the west-facing Central Coast will drop at 9pm Thursday.

A front will pass thru the area after sunset tonight and before sunrise Thursday.  It will likely produce some showers with the passage, but not everywhere.  It is moving very quickly so rain totals (where it rains) will be less than .10"

Highs will fall into the lower to mid-60s for everyone on Thursday.

Winds quickly turn offshore Friday and Saturday for a temp boost back into the 70s.

Another rain system is possible Monday but also on the light rain side with .10" or less.  Another system is possible for Wednesday of next week.