Spring pattern with only a few twists and turns

Posted at 4:32 PM, May 15, 2018

Night and morning clouds with afternoon clearing is a forecast you’ll hear a lot in the months to come.  This is the predominant pattern in spring since the water temperatures are cool relative to the air that moves over it, this causes condensation at the lower levels which produces clouds and cooler conditions near the coast. The sun and the afternoon winds typically clears some to most of the cloud cover.  Clouds tend to linger when winds are light or inland and higher elevation temperatures are warmer, this produces a temperature inversion (warmer aloft) which can pin low clouds close to the deck and produce the "May Grey".

Currently the inland and higher elevation temperatures are not in great contrast so the early clouds can clear.

Later this week high pressure builds and inland temps warm but there will be enough wind at the coast to encourage afternoon clearing so the details of the forecast are only subject to minor change.  Beaches in the 60s with coastal valleys in the 70s and inland valleys slowly warming into the low 80s over the weekend.

The upper air forecast shows enough variability to keep temps from getting too extreme for at least another week if not two.