Friday is a transition day to a hot weekend inland

Posted at 4:14 PM, May 31, 2018

High pressure is returning to the Central Coast and will start to push offshore winds.  Thursday night into Friday morning will see the first round of these winds which will clear out the skies and start to push temps up.  Already Friday inland temps will soar into the mid to upper 80s but over the weekend 100 degree potential is there each day.  Coastal valleys quickly return to the mid 70s Friday with low to mid 80s over the weekend with beaches near 70 Friday with upper 60s and lower 70s over the weekend.  It’ll be a microclimate special since it’ll stand out in great contrast to temps even just a stone’s throw inland.

The hot inland temps will fade Monday back into the lower to middle 90s with Tuesday-Thursday seeing mid to upper 80s.  At the coast Monday could be a very windy day with 15-30mph winds with higher gusts possible.  Temps will drop back into the 60s at the beaches and lower to mid 70s in the coastal valleys.

Night and morning marine clouds Tuesday-Friday could produce mist or drizzle at beaches and near coastal valleys next week.