Inland temps below average for a change

Posted at 6:01 PM, Aug 20, 2018

Today, Paso Robles failed to reach 90 for the first time in 46 days (50 days is the record from 1969).  Over those 46 days the average high temp was 100.8 which is higher than the 9

8.5 degree average over the 50 record streak.  I do think we start to slowly warm again this week but the next 2 days should be slightly below average inland.

A trough of low pressure in Northern Californian is the reason we cooled and a deepening marine layer will return tonight near the coast for clouds and mild to cool temps much of the week.  I don’t see a lot of change thru mid-week but later this week I think it gets windy in the afternoons with some building high pressure.  I like inland temps to get back into the mid-90s but coastal temps look steady.