Storm system continues to depart and winds are ready to pick up

Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 04, 2018

The upper low was still not entirely clear of the area today and it was also conditionally unstable. That means that some cumulus clouds formed and we also had some scattered showers but those are pretty much done already.

NW winds are set up come up quite a bit Friday afternoon at 15-25mph with some higher gusts. This will clear out any overnight clouds and keep temps in the 60s at the beaches with 70s in the coastal valleys and 80s inland.

Saturday is interesting a very fast moving low drops into northern CA and NV, winds will come up again at 15-30mph and cool temps. That system clears Sunday but it’ll be another afternoon with strong NW winds. This could be good for visibility for the rocket launch at Vandenberg since higher winds mix out clouds. The launch is at 7:21pm on Sunday and it looks breezy and clear HOWEVER clouds will form later that night so let’s hope they hold off until the big show is over.

Another low should develop to our west early next week, partly cloudy skies and cooler temps are likely into the middle of next week.