Next storm arrives Friday PM but many more possible over the next week

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 10, 2019

We got a break in the rain Thursday but a series of storms could cause potential issues into and through next week.

Late Friday into Saturday the next storm arrives with widespread rain to the area with the potential for rain rates at or above 0.75 inch/hour, which could generate shallow mud and debris flows near recent burn scars.

Isolated thunderstorms and heavy downpours will be possible with this system. 1-3″ of rain is possible over the Central and Southcoast.

There will be a break in the rainy conditions later Saturday into Sunday afternoon, then the next system will arrive by Monday.

Significant rainfall will be possible with this storm Monday and Tuesday. Another storm Wednesday followed by another stronger system Thursday is also possible.

Timing and rainfall amounts could change however modeling is showing 2-7″ of rain potential over the 7 day forecast (potentially more).

Gusty south to southeast winds will be possible with each storm, especially Saturday and again Tuesday of next week.

Finally, fast-moving storms will generate large westerly swell over the Pacific Ocean resulting in high surf conditions for west-facing beaches through most of next week. Tide levels will be building which could create additional coastal flood impacts.