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Showers will linger thru Thursday with more rain in the extended outlook

Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 06, 2019

There is another system, much weaker than the one yesterday that will continue to keep scattered showers in the forecast thru Thursday and possibly even Friday.

The next system is colder and lacks a connection to deep sub-tropical supply however there is a decent amount of upper air instability and jet stream energy to produce the showers.

I think additional rain should be less than .30″ for most and even less for the Southcoast of SB county where only a few hundredths of an inch are likely.

High temperatures will struggle to warm much. I think most of the coast stays in the 50s into the weekend with only a few scattered low 60s.

There are plenty of questions about the next rain chance. Could be as early as Saturday evening or delay until Sunday/Monday either way it looks like impacts will be minimal, only a few tenths of an inch of rain at the maximum and higher elevations have the best chance of rain and even possibly some low level snow. It looks like a cold and showery system. There is another weak system possible on Tuesday as well.