A big cooldown begins as winds pick up

A big cooldown begins as winds pick up
Clouds hanging over the coastal valleys
Posted at 4:34 AM, Jun 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-29 13:49:04-04

Good Morning Central Coast!
As we kick off our Wednesday most locations are actually mostly clear, this is quite a far departure from the last few days where abundant marine fog persisted through the mornings. Instead today there are some cloud decks to our north and south that are spreading into the Central Coast.

Thanks to the cold front that surged in yesterday highs in the interior valleys will cool a bit and only reach into the mid 90s today. This will still be hot but it is significantly cooler than the previous days where Paso Robles was inching towards 110 degrees. Coasts will also cool a few degrees but will not be as strongly impacted than the interiors.

Aside from the cool down our main "forecast impact" is for winds in the Huasha Valley near Arroyo Grande where as of 10am Wednesday morning crews are fighting the Camino Fire.
Onshore winds are going to push through during the daytime hours today. Those winds will be sustained in the area of the fire near 10 mph getting gusty up to 20mph in the mid afternoon hours. Those winds will calm down overnight before kicking back up by tomorrow morning.
Winds will be mainly from the WNW direction, pushing the head of the fire to the South East.

The pattern of low clouds overnight into the morning hours will continue through week, peaking on Friday morning when additional cloud over will be around this will all help keep cool down the interior valleys with some more marine air. Additionally there will be a bit more cooling thanks to the ridge of high pressure that was sitting just to our east (driving the heat up) pushing east further. This thankfully releases the grip of our hot temperatures in the interior valleys.

Over the next few days the jet stream will meander south to continue the cooling trend. Thursday highs, even in the interior valleys will only be in the 80s with some 50s along the beaches. As for the long term, this weekend, winds could become a problem through the gusty prone areas like the South Coast. We will keep an eye out for the possibility of advisory level wind speeds through the beginning of next week.

Have a great day Central Coast!