A long-lasting and potentially dangerous heat wave will begin mid-week for interior locations

Posted at 4:32 PM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 20:41:18-04

Thus far, the Central Coast has been warm occasionally this summer with some shorter heat events in the interior. What is in the forecast into next week is on another level, not only does the heat look extreme but also long-lasting. Interior heat looks to linger well into next week.

Let's get right at it: even though the heat doesn't really develop until Wednesday the interior (and a few microclimate places outside of the interior) is already under a Heat Warning which runs from 11a Wednesday into Monday evening (and could easily get extended).

Tuesday is just a garden variety day for the Central Coast, some warming will begin as a ridge backs in from the east but this is not the main event, not even close.

Wednesday is when the high pressure really builds. What is interesting about the event is that it will produce some northerly flow which could lead to some Sundowner winds for the Southcoast passes and canyons. It will also put the Southcoast in the excessive heat warning. However, the NE (offshore) flow for the west-facing Central Coast doesn't look strong enough to produce 100-degree temps. I think ultimately some 90s to mid-90s are likely in some near-coastal valleys it wouldn't be enough to join the advisory area. This is the toughest call in the forecast, places in between the marine-influenced beaches and the extremely hot interior. There is also the hills above Avlia and the Diablo Canyon plant that look to get very hot, and that area did get looped into the warning.

The charts to show a weak disturbance working thru the huge jet stream ridge Friday which might lead to a little cooling here and there but not much. The jet stream ridge looks to quickly rebound and keep inland areas hot into early next week, if not longer. The Climate Prediction Center and other models like hot weather in the 8-14 day outlook as well.

Clearly, this puts some pressure on heat-related messaging about safety but also fire weather, power, and drought concerns will be front of mind. Make sure you are watching updated forecasts, have a weather-alert app like the KSBY Microclimate Weather App and have the alerts turned on for the latest. I'd also recommend having a local news app with notifications on for power or any breaking fire-related news.