A stretch of quiet weather is likely thru the end of the year

Posted at 4:42 PM, Dec 16, 2022

The weekend looks to get off to a mild start but cools a bit Sunday into Monday before warming significantly next week when a stronger ridge of high pressure sets up. Temps could even hit 70s later next week. That might sound great we could use more rain as we have been detailing, even after the significant storm of last weekend into early this week.

The holiday weekend looks warm and quiet.

I discussed the drought on air this week. Vivian did a great job putting it into words for the web. There is a graph from her story earlier today:

"Looking at rainfall the first half of December was very active and we are ahead of the average for the month of December, even if we didn't get any more we'd still finish the month with more than average. That said, I don't see any meaningful rain for the rest of the month at this point. There is a ridge that covers much of Southern and Central California. Some cold front likely hit northern CA over the next few weeks, but it doesn't look like anything makes it this far south (or at least anything meaningful)."