A warmer start to the weekend with Father’s Day weather looking good

Cambria skies cleared Friday
Posted at 5:39 PM, Jun 16, 2023

It's part of the forecast a lot of folks have been looking forward to: less low cloud cover. As we go into Father's Day weekend Saturday temperatures look to be the warmest we've seen for a while and the warmest we'll see over the next seven days.

The reason for the warmup is that the weather pattern is changing from a jet stream trough over California to a transitional ridge. I used the word transitional because the warmup for Saturday begins to fade on Sunday as the Ridge of high pressure is weakened by a digging through in the Pacific Northwest.


For Saturday beach communities look to be in the 60s to about 70 degrees with coastal valleys in the 70s to low 80s and the interior valleys from the mid 80s to about 90 degrees. Beaches and near coastal valleys will still see some early day low cloud cover but like Friday those clouds should dissipate allowing for plenty of hours of sunshine even at beaches.


Sunday temperatures dip a little but nothing dramatic. I still think we see decent amount of clearing after starting the day with some low clouds.

The larger trough of low pressure continues to slide to the South on Monday and temperatures also slide.

After that temperatures may climb a bit either Tuesday or Wednesday and level off where they have been leveling off recently: mild and a few degrees below average.


The 8-to-14-day forecast continues to advertise cooler-than-average weather but there may be signs of change on the horizon. Mid and long-range models are suggesting a heat ridge builds in the set desert southwest to begin July and it could back into California bringing us the first truly hot weather in a while. It's early. Stay tuned.