After a rainy night sunshine surges back onto the Central Coast

Rainbow over Shandon
Posted at 6:24 AM, Mar 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-30 15:24:36-04

——— 12:15 PM Update———
Just as expected tere are some showers building in to the higher elevations in the interiors of the Central Coast. These are moving quite quickly and do not have a lot of moisture embeded in them but still will bring some rain. This activity will continue into the evening.

——— Original Article———
Good Morning Central Coast! We are just on the tail end of this latest storm, before you know it we will be back to sunshine!

Heavy rain fell overnight bringing another half inch of rain to many locations overnight. Check out up to date rain totals here.

From the rest of the system there is not a whole lot to say. The low is pushing south and bringing the last of the storm potential with it. San Luis Obispo County will likely be in the clear by dawn with a few more lingering showers along the Santa Barbara County Southcoast. Most, if not all, of the rain has already fallen.

That being said as the low pushes south more winds will push in from the North East. This will draw in a couple of areas of shower potential in the interior valleys this afternoon. While it isn't particularly to bring heavy rain likely I would not be surprised to see some light showers this afternoon. Less than a tenth of an inch is possible.

Sunshine will be the story to follow the system today with highs still on the chilly side across the region. Most locations will be in the 50s with some lingering chill but along the south coast there is slightly more warming.

Into Friday there will be a bit more marine influence with fog possible at some of the coastal locations. This will clear out quickly to some sunshine with scattered cloud cover.

Despite the sunshine there is still some energy lingering in our atmosphere that could bring us an isolated shower Friday afternoon.

Next week will stay on the cool side but sunshine is still expected.

There are a few cold fronts gearing up to make an impact across the region. Right now the models are sticking with cooler temps and little accumulating rain chance but that may change going into mid April.

Have a great day Central Coast!