After a sunny start, several chances for rain move in next week

Rain chances move into the Central Coast next week
Posted at 8:20 PM, Dec 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-04 23:20:04-05

Cooler and breezier conditions have been in place to start off the weekend with temperatures near normal for this time of the year.
If you are heading outside in the overnight hours Saturday into Sunday you may want to add an extra layer. For Sunday more similar conditions continue with clouds persisting inland and abundant sunshine at the coast.

Temperatures will be near normal all day with abundant sunshine.

As we head into next week things will get a bit interesting. Several chances for rain will play out. This change is all thanks to the ridge of high pressure we have seen over the past few weeks breaking down and several low-pressure systems will roll through.
The first chance is just a slim one with a decaying cold front pushing in bringing cloud cover, gusty winds, and the chance for drizzling Monday night into Tuesday. That system is a quick mover so clear skies will return on Wednesday but not for long.

The greater chance for rain moves in Thursday, which will bring more moisture into the atmosphere and with it the chance for measurable rainfall. At this point, exact placement is not known and scale can't be pinned down but up to a quarter of an inch is likely. This storm may even bring snow to the high elevations of the Sierras.
With many unknowns still on this system keep up to date as the system gets closer.

Have a good Sunday on the Central Coast and get excited for the week ahead, we could see rain!!!