After an exciting start to the week, the weather turns quiet

Cayucos skies look amazing
Posted at 5:54 PM, Mar 29, 2022

Yesterday's storm system gave us almost exactly what we expected in the forecast: a good soak but not a drought-buster. Generally, the totals ranged from .5-2" with a few higher totals, essentially matching the forecast.

Now the rain certainly helped but it didn't even cover the March shortage and definitely didn't cover the seasonal shortage. Without the whopper December storm, we'd be in rough shape but even with it the seasonal shortages range from 2.5-more than 7".

Unfortunately, no other significant systems are in sight, and statistically speaking our rain opportunities become rare into April and May. This is not to say the Central Coast has not seen larger rainmakers in those months, it is just that average April rain is about 1" and May is less than .50".

The forecast turns pretty quiet in the coming days.

There is a wind advisory tonight for the Santa Barbara County high country, passes, and canyons for strong N wind potential thru 3am.

Night and morning low clouds look patchy around the Central Coast but definitely possible both in the interior and in some coastal valleys the next couple of mornings.

The overall pattern still features a trough over The West but a ridge is positioned to the west of the Central Coast and moves east over the next few days. Once in place, Friday thru the weekend will warm a little, but inland areas will warm more than the coast due to more marine layer.

Coastal temps warm a little early next week with some offshore potential Tuesday.