Another cold night is ahead for the Central Coast but much warmer temps arrive next week

A stroll along Cambria's Coastline
Posted at 4:22 PM, Feb 24, 2022

Our moisture-starved storm system this week left the Central Coast in a cold airmass that is only slowly moderating as we head into the weekend.

The skies are expected to be clear with dry air at the surface and light overnight winds expected, these are ideal conditions for cold temps. The set-up allows for the radiation heat today to leak off into space, some clouds or air mixing with wind can slow this but those are not significant elements tonight.

As a result, more freezing temps are likely inland with lows again in the 20s for most.

No advisory is present for interior areas because a hard freeze already took place last night and any damage that was going to be done to plants has likely been done. Additionally, freezing lows are common in the interior so repeated warnings only diminish their effectiveness. But at the coast freezing lows are more rare, in fact, Santa Maria's 28 degrees this morning was a record low. Another similar night is expected and there IS a freeze warning in place for the projected lows at the coast even though they will be warmer than interior lows where there is no advisory.

Slow moderation of the airmass takes place of the weekend and by early next week not only do 70s return for highs, but upper 70s are also possible.

The extended forecast is pretty quiet until we get into the March 7-th-11th time-frame when models are showing a series of fast-moving but cold low-pressure centers to roll thru the Central Coast.

I think rain is likely but not likely soaking rains. Again temps will sag significantly.