Another rain system exits the area and the weekend looks dry

Orcutt Hills Rainbow
Posted at 4:43 PM, Dec 16, 2021

A fast-moving cold front rolled thru the area Thursday and did rather well producing rain.

Our forecast was for rain up to .50" but a few spots exceeded that. This was a lot less impactful than the Monday and Tuesday storm but these kinds of storms are great in that beneficial rains fall without widespread issues like outages or flooding. No advisories were necessary during this storm.

On Thursday we update lake levels and drought status. The lakes got a boost from the Monday and Tuesday storm and what fell today likely isn't all accounted for yet. While levels rose a little, clearly there is a LONG way to alleviate concern about the levels into 2022.

The U.S. Drought Monitor is unchanged from last week, but the data is from Tuesday. I think we'll get an update after this current cycle of systems is done. Obviously, there is "some" change but it'll take some time to assess what that is. While improvement is certain, it is also certain that recent rains have not removed the drought concern from the Golden State.

The weekend looks dry and cool. Locally windy offshore winds Friday and Saturday.

Some gusty offshore winds will develop into Friday. Lows will be in the frost and freeze area again and highs near 60 thru the weekend. Monday a storm system approaches but likely isn't quite here yet. Tuesday rain looks likely, however, I think it is important to point out again that next week still contains some uncertainty about positions of lows, rain, etc.

A broad brush is being used to include Wednesday in rain potential. I think something around X-Mas Eve-Day is also possible. A lot of refinement is still needed in the extended forecast. Suffice to stay it stays cool.