Atmospheric river rain totals surpass records on the Central Coast

Flooding on the Central Coast
Posted at 3:11 PM, Jan 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-10 18:28:56-05

A massive amount of rain has fallen across the Central Coast thanks to the massive atmospheric river event that has flooded large portions of the region. There is more rain expected Tuesday evening across the region but the bulk of the rain has already fallen.

Some of the rain totals broke single-day rainfall records for January 9th. Some of the records are:

  • 4.22" at Santa Barbara Airport. Breaking the old record of 2.83" set in 2005. This also breaks a monthly record for single-day rainfall in the month of January, that previous record was 4.16" on January 23rd, 2008.
  • 3.42" recorded at the Santa Maria Airport. This breaks the old record of 2.03" set in 1907.
  • 2.02" recorded on January 9th at the Paso Robles airport. This breaks the old record of 1.18" set in 1995.

Many more locations broke records, these are just a few that the records have already came in.
Here are some rain totals as of 3:00 PM January 10th. This list will be updated with more locations within the next few hours as to include as many locations as possible. A complete interactive map can be found at this link.

San Luis Obispo County Locations

Location 4 Day Rainfall totalSeason total (beginning October 1st)
Rocky Butte 13.0045.11
Cambria 5.3519.56
Paso Robles 5.0415.24
Los Osos4.9418.20
SLO - Cal Poly 7.9724.43
Santa Margarita- in town8.2923.67
Santa Margarita Radio Booster- On Cuesta Ridge10.9233.56
Lopez Lake 7.1221.98
Nipomo 5.7618.46
La Panza 4.8413.33
Arroyo Grande 4.0614.61
Twitchell Dam4.5213.39
San Simeon4.5816.00
Carrizo Plain2.037.28
Black Mountain11.0433.92

Santa Barbara County Locations

Location 4 Day Rain Total Season Rain Total (Begining October 1st)
Santa Maria 3.348.74
Lompoc 5.9615.44
Las Cruces7.0420.48
Alisal Reservoir14.0537.41
Santa Barbara 7.1118.17
San Marcos Pass17.5243.31
Montecito 5.8716.88
Cuyama 2.606.90
Glen Annie- Ellwood6.1918.29
Rancho San Julian10.3929.72

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