Central Coast weather looks pretty steady thru next week

Morro Bay sunset
Posted at 3:36 PM, Nov 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 19:35:14-05

Early this week the Central Coast got a good shot of rainfall, from .50-3" of rain (most was in the .5-1.5" range). After that system departed the cold air from the trough was left behind and interior areas saw several days of frost and freeze conditions. Those lows prompted advisories. It will be cool much of the extended forecast for lows inland, near freezing most days. Generally, advisories are not issued for every frost or freeze event after they have taken place so please note those lows in the forecast if you are tending to sensitive plants or animals exposed to the overnight cold.

Daytime highs will continue to be in the 60s generally in the extended forecast with no pattern setting up long enough for large swings in temperature.

There are some elements to note. The short-wave ridge of high pressure will give way to a low-pressure center and associated upper trough from Saturday into Sunday.

This low is moisture starved so local rainfall is not likely but some mist or drizzle with some clouds might be possible near the coastline. Another similar fast-moving low shoots thru Monday. I think the net effect will be some clouds, some gusty winds, and a minor cooling impact on daytime highs.

Some minor warming is likely Tuesday and beyond. Though I think locally windy conditions are possible next week.

Models don't see much rain potential. The GFS 16-day doesn't show any meaningful events.

The Climate Prediction Center also things the 8-14 day stays dry. The only change to note there is that temps may flip from the 0-7 day cooler than average numbers to above average highs in the 8-14 day.