Chilly start to the week anticipated, with some areas below freezing by Tuesday

Posted at 5:07 PM, Oct 27, 2019

The Central Coast continued to cool off Sunday, with many areas over 10 degrees cooler than Saturday.

24 hour change 1027.JPG

The cold Santa Ana winds will drop interior temperatures by another 5 to 10 degrees Monday, with coastal areas and valleys seeing 3-6 degrees of warming due to compressional heating.

On Tuesday the National Weather Service says our marine layer is expected to return, bringing our temperatures back down again.

This week the question will be how low will the temperatures go as already several areas are forecasted to get below freezing in the evening hours.


On top of low temperatures we're also monitoring our winds.

On Wednesday, winds are expected to be close to advisory levels, possibly making some areas feel even colder.

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5 DAY 10271.JPG

Time to start bundling up!