Continued inland heat combines with chance of scattered thunderstorms Wednesday

Sunshine in Cambria California
Posted at 4:32 AM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-21 07:32:06-04

Good Morning Central Coast! To kick off Tuesday conditions are mild and clear without much impact from the marine layer. This will allow temperatures to surge once again in the interiors.
Thanks to the sunshine and offshore winds we will get a couple more degrees of warming in the interiors where we will likely see at least some communities in the triple digits.
Much more comfortable weather will be in place in the coastal valleys and beaches. Most will stay in the 70s and 80s.
The whole Central Coast will really feel like summer today, for the first official day of summer.
At 2:13AM the summer solstice was reached, signaling the start of astrological summer for the northern hemisphere.

After Tuesday things look interesting. An upper-low drops out of the Pac-NW. This will provide some mid-level lift and instability Wednesday.
The low will kick up some interesting weather. Models are showing some scattered thunderstorm potential. This looks most likely in LA/Ventura counties however modeling does show potential moving into Santa Barbara and SLO counties as well. The most likely areas to see any scattered thunderstorm potential would be higher elevations and the interior where the heat and instability intersect.
The upper low actually lingers Thursday and additional scattered thunderstorms may be likely again in the same areas. Now it might sound like good news anytime we have a rain chance the concern with scattered thunderstorms is actually dry-lightning and it's potential to start fires. Scattered storms can provide brief moderate to heavy rains but it does tend to be isolated and are not really an aide against drought conditions because it isn't sustained. Friday the upper low moves out.
Into the extended forecast the monsoon will stick around in the south west but will bring little more than elevated lighting risk to the Central Coast!
Have a great Tuesday Central Coast!