Cooler conditions and mostly cloudy skies are expected this week on the Central Coast

Cool and partly cloudy skies in California
Posted at 4:07 PM, Sep 17, 2023

Hello, Central Coast! Happy Sunday.

Here’s what we can expect to see for the rest of the weekend into the new work week. We are expecting to see cooler conditions this week, with Tuesday through Thursday being the coolest. Luckily, a warming trend is expected to begin on Friday. More low clouds and patchy fog will continue to spread into areas closest to the coast each night through the morning hours, with the possibility of drizzle or light rain. Unfortunately, we are going to see June Gloom conditions for the remainder of the week, as mostly cloudy skies will surround the Central Coast. Let’s dive in!

On the Central Coast, we experienced another gloomy day on Sunday, similar to what we have seen the last several days. We will most likely see the same conditions repeat itself on Monday and possibly for the next few days. The marine layer still sticking along the coastline and it is not expected to move out of the area due to an upper low bringing in those cooler conditions to the Central Coast. As I previously mentioned in Saturday's newscast, the reason behind the cooler conditions we’re seeing is due to a trough making its way through Central and Southern California, which will cause temps to be cooler Tuesday through Thursday.

We are going to continue seeing more low clouds and patchy fog spreading into areas closest to the coast each night through the morning hours, with the possibility of drizzle or light rain.

Our modules indicate that there will be sub-advisory northerly winds taking place southwest of Santa Barbara County, in Refugio and Gaviota, for the next few evenings, which will keep low clouds mostly away from that area.

Wind gusts on Sunday evening are expected to reach up to 42mph at 9 p.m., so please be sure to drive with caution tonight along the south coast.

With these gloomy and cool conditions sticking with us for most of the week, you can expect the beginning of the work week to be quite mild. Paso Robles will see temps 16 degrees below its average temp of 94 degrees, while San Luis Obispo is well under 10 degrees of its average temp of 80 degrees.

Some cities near the south coast will see temps ranging throughout the 70s, so be sure to wear a light jacket for the start of your day!

According to the National Weather Service, a slight warming trend is expected to kick off on Friday and continue through the rest of the upcoming weekend, but temperatures will not recover back to normal most likely by the next work week.

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Have a great day, Central Coast!