Cooler temperatures, air quality concerns Wednesday

Posted at 6:27 PM, Sep 08, 2020

We did it - we survived the heat wave! Temperatures Tuesday are nearly 30 degrees cooler than Monday for some parts of the Central Coast.

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Part of the reason why things may feel even cooler is the return of the marine and also unfortunately a lot of smoke and ash in the air.

We have an air quality warning that now covers all of San Luis Obispo County and reaches into part of northern Santa Barbara County.

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For those that are sensitive to smoke, it's best to limit your time outdoors for the next few days.

A gusty Santa Ana wind event is developing Tuesday afternoon and evening across much of Ventura and LA counties through Wednesday afternoon.
Peak wind gusts from this wind event could be 35-55 mph.

While that may seem far away, we may see some of the impacts of that whether it be stronger winds, or smoke in places like southern Santa Barbara County.

The marine layer was stubborn over the Santa Barbara County south coast Tuesday, leaving some cloud coverage throughout the day.

A similar weather pattern is in place for Wednesday.

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Things are settling down Thursday into Friday as pressure builds again and temperatures could rise by the weekend.

Have a great day!

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