Cooler weather continues... for a few more days, heat wave expected next week

Posted at 5:47 AM, Jul 06, 2023

Good morning, Central Coast!

To kick off the day marine influence has made its way into the interior valleys of San Luis Obispo County. Mainly cloud cover will stick around for the first few hours this morning, but there still are a few areas where limited visibility is expected.

This marine influence, although frustrating in the early morning with the cloud cover is critical to our temperature trends this week and into the weekend. The cooler dense air layer deepened over the last few days and this morning was able to make it over the Cuesta ridge (about 1,600ft). Even once the cloud cover dissipates that cooler air will help to moderate temperatures in the interiors the same way it helps the coastal communities on a daily basis.

Highs in the interiors will be in the mid-80s (the Cuyama Valley will reach into the 90s as they didn't see any marine layer this morning) and coastal valleys in the 70s and 60s at the beach.

Sundowner winds are back for the Santa Barbara County south coast tonight and Friday night, possibly reaching advisory levels across the southwest portion of the county Friday night. This will likely also cause a reduction in the night through low clouds, especially Friday night.

The trough that has brought us cloud cover will begin to lift northward over the weekend as the upper high strengthens in the desert southwest and backs into California.

We could see another round of sundowner winds across Santa Barbara County Saturday night.

The increasing high pressure will squish out night and morning low clouds from the interior over the weekend.

Models are all lined up on a potential heatwave next week inland with 100+ degree temps possible. The Climate Prediction Center also likes it warmer than average in the 8-14 day as well.

The exceptions will be beaches and near coastal valleys as marine influence will still be there to some degree, but even the coastal valleys will see some warming into the 80s.

Have a great day Central Coast!