Cooler weather develops with showers Friday

Laguna Lake Sunset
Posted at 4:31 PM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 20:54:50-04

The weather this week has been interesting. Monday night we saw thunderstorms and a significant lightning outbreak. Tuesday the marine layer rushed back in but away from beaches many places still scratched out a warm day. Now temps are beginning to fade as a trough is developing off the coast. Not only is the trough developing but the speed of the jet stream will be picking up.

What we have here is a nice transport jet but not a lot of deep moisture to work with. To me, it doesn't look like the SW jet and the sagging stationary/cold front ever connect quite right. So we'll see some showers late Thursday night into Friday afternoon but the totals look meager. I think .10-.20" on the high side where most folks that get any rain likely only get hundredths of an inch.

By Saturday the frontal feature has moved on and the region transitions to a ridge. Sunday winds go offshore for a brief weekend warm-up but all that ends very quickly Monday as some strong NW winds develop. Monday could see winds 15-30mph sustained at the coast with gusts to 40 and passes and canyons could see even higher wind potential. I think advisories are likely early next week.

This wind will user in more cool air and temperatures Tuesday look below average.