Despite a few raindrops temps rise into the weekend

Mid-level clouds with sunshine sneaking thru
Posted at 4:42 PM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-17 20:53:13-04

The Central Coast generally gets a brush with the monsoon most summers and this is no exception. Last night and thru part of the morning some unstable mid-level air lead to showers here and there on the Central Coast. Most of the activity has left the area and there is a diminishing chance of re-development.

Inland heat was 100+ Tuesday and temps today were a little cooler for a number of reasons: the level of high pressure and also the amount of mid-level cloud cover diminishing the amount of sun hitting the surface.

The moist, unstable monsoon air snuck in from the east thanks to some S-SE flow aloft, that steering direction will change to a more W-NW direction over the next few days, eliminating the chances for more showers.

That said, temps (especially inland) will start to rise again, peaking Friday before a weekend drop of up to 10 degrees. After the weekend cool-down temps will start a rise again next week.

The same temperature trends are in place for coastal areas as well but the night and morning marine clouds with afternoon clearing will help to smooth out the peaks and valleys of the temperature trends.

The deeper extended forecast continues to call for warm weather in The West but the summer monsoon looks to start shifting a little further east. This is due to the expected upper atmospheric steering flow.