Despite increased marine layer interiors will bake once again today

The coast is the place to be to beat this start of summer heat
Posted at 4:26 AM, May 25, 2022

Good Morning Central Coast! Happy Wednesday, we have made it to the halfway point of the week and the end of the extreme heat in the interior valleys.
That is very much a good thing as temperatures int the interior valleys climbed to record breaking levels yesterday. The Paso Robles airport recorded a temperature of 100 degrees just before 5PM on Tuesday. This broke the previous record of 99 degrees set back in 2001.
The average high for Paso Robles for this time of year is in the low 80s, they were still above that temperature until after 10pm.

Jumping into our forecast for this morning, the marine layer that helped to cool much of the Central Coast yesterday has deepened slightly and has expanded further north and into the coastal valleys. This, as expected, will limit visibility for many communities for the morning commute.

The slight increase in marine influence and added onshore winds will help to keep temperatures along the coast mild and coastal valleys more manageable than inland. Where temperatures will really heat up today will be strongly influenced by how quickly clouds clear and how much marine influence stays in play. That being said temperatures on the coasts will struggle to crawl out f the 60s, coastal valleys will be near normal int he 70s and interiors will climb back into the 90s.

The inland temperatures on Tuesday will be the hottest of the forecast but even so today temperatures will climb into the 90s once again as the high pressure sticks around.
For the last two days of our week a slight cool down is expected with a few more clouds likely for Friday.
The weekend will once again start with significant marine influence, especially along the Santa Barbara County south coast before clearing.
There is a slight warm up on the way for the weekend into early next week.
Have a great day Central Coast!