Extreme heat inland Friday thru the weekend but relief elsewhere

Posted at 3:56 PM, Jun 29, 2023

As if on cue, the forecast has dramatically shifted to a much more summer-like feel in the interior. Not only did the temperatures recover from below-average highs but they shot to well above average, prompting heat-related advisories.

My forecast feature is daytime highs warmer than 100 degrees for the San Luis Obispo County interior valleys Friday through Sunday. A heat advisory is in place from Friday morning into Sunday. Temperatures will ease off in the interior valleys on Monday and Tuesday.

Coastal valleys and beaches will also see some warming but it looks to be pretty minor. The reason for the muted changes at the coast is the continued effect of the marine layer. Night and morning clouds with afternoon clearing can be expected for the next few days.

Similar to the interior, temperatures will diminish a little on Monday and Tuesday. The reason for this is a trough approaching the West.

This will deepen the marine layer yet again. While some clouds are possible around the 4th, the trough might act to keep the base of any clouds that form the evening of the 4th high enough to see fireworks underneath them.

The marine layer is a subtle thing and the details definitely matter here and it's still a little early to bet the house on the cloud situation the evening of the 4th. That's my look for now but I do think we'll have to continually look at this over the next couple of days so stay tuned.