Extreme heat sticking around in the interiors, tropical moisture to mix up the forecast

Packed Pismo Beach
Posted at 4:39 AM, Sep 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-06 14:39:14-04

Good Morning Central Coast. It is going to be another one for the books with more records possible today and continued extreme heat in the interior valleys. The good news is that some of our coastal valleys will begin a slight cooling trend today.

There is a little bit of valley fog forming this morning (think Tule fog), It won't cool us down much, if at all but still visibility may drop. There is also a little fog along the SBA southcoast, this will help to keep highs along the coast slightly cooler but unfortunately that trend will not extend into the interiors.

There is a bit of good and bad news in the forecast ahead. There will be "some" relief for beaches and near coastal valleys but the interior looks to be 100+ all week. Even farther out in the forecast though we can see the end of this heat!

The extreme heat wave will begin to break on Friday and with it comes some big changes in our conditions. Before I get to that though, here is what we have going on today.

Above average temperatures are sticking around with triple digits in the interior valleys, 90s in the coastal valleys and in the 70s and low 80s by the beaches.

However, I don't want to oversell the'll be minor with above-average temps all week. Beaches will return to more typical temps for a bit as a thin but effective marine presence should develop.

Additionally in some coastal valleys highs could skyrocket with the aid of winds pushing towards lower elevations. This is exactly what brought highs up in the San Luis Obispo area Monday, winds pushing off the Santa Lucia's pushed down off of Cuesta Ridge and wile compressing and moving to lower elevation they heat up quickly. This is the same process that heats up the Santa Ana winds.

The tricky part of the forecast is hurricane Kay, yes we are taking about a hurricane near us here on the Central Coast. The storm is currently south of the Baja off the Mexican coast. Over the next few days it will push north into cooler waters and begin to die out as it moves NW.

It ultimately will weaken dramatically as it approaches California. Water off our coast and the current are not favorable for the system to remain strong, however, the leftovers of the system are expected to spin away a bit as the low weakens. Tropical systems are just so full of moisture that even the loosely connected moisture related to the system could produce some showers and t-storms around next weekend, and certainly more muggy air is also likely along with ample mid-level clouds. Waves may also be something to watch as the system will be inputting energy into the water. It needs to be said that we are only talking about indirect impacts from this, and this far out track can easily change.

The greatest impact we will feel fro Kay is much cooler temperatures, highs return to the 90s in the interiors.

Have a good day Central Coast!