Foggy conditions in store for the morning commute ahead of a warm week

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Posted at 5:05 AM, Aug 09, 2021

For anyone who is a fan of the marine layer and overcast mornings, enjoy the foggy skies Monday morning because over the course of the week there will be less development as onshore flow weakens and high pressure begins to rebuild.

For the morning commute, expect foggy skies to linger from the coast and into the coastal valleys. There will be some cloud development over inland valley regions like the Santa Ynez Valley. In some cases, visibility could be limited to about a quarter-mile, so it is advised to increase following distance and use low beams throughout the morning drive.

Monday's forecast is going to be fairly consistent with the conditions from the weekend. There will be more comfortable, below-average temperatures across the valleys ahead of a warm-up that is on tap for this week.

Starting with the interiors, expect daytime highs to be close to the mid to upper 80s range, with a few exceptions. This brings daytime highs across the interior valleys down by about five to ten degrees compared to seasonal norms. Skies will also be mostly clear by the afternoon following a partly cloudy commute.

Over the coastal valleys. daytime highs will range from the low to upper 70s and afternoon skies will be mostly clear. Northwesterly winds will develop in the afternoon, but wind speeds will be fairly mild and will peak right around 10 miles per hour.

Along the coast, overcast skies will be widespread and daytime highs will be cool. Peak temperatures will be between the low to upper 60s and southwesterly winds will be mild and close to 10 mph.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, high pressure will begin to build Tuesday, which will give make way for above-average temperatures, particularly across the interiors.