Friday looks mild to warm away from beaches before a larger cooldown starts

Cool and partly cloudy skies in California
Posted at 4:29 PM, May 05, 2022

We had a lot of clouds overnight into early Thursday but nice clearing took place. A good amount of high clouds should shoot through in the evening and overnight which will delay marine low cloud development, re-development should take place late into Friday morning and be less pervasive than it was to begin Thursday.

This should make Friday a mild day away from the beaches (where highs in the 60s will be likely). I like mid-70s for most coastal valleys and inland valleys likely still shoot into the mid to upper 80s.

Later Friday into Saturday the marine clouds return and the depth looks significant enough to cause cooling at the beaches, coastal valleys, and interior. This is not the big cool-down in the forecast but this will begin that trend. Sunday looks similar.

The big story later Saturday thru early next week will be windy and cooler conditions developing. Sunday could be particularly windy.

The reason for this is a large upper-level trough digging into The West. Today's models positioned the axis of this trough further west than prior runs which is not a huge change. It'll still be cooler and windy Sunday into early next week but it could mean more marine clouds with depth which might cause some mist/drizzle or occasional light shower-like activity. I don't want to over-advertise that because I think the larger story is really just colder and windy weather to begin next week.

The trough looks to linger into mid-week before moving on, next weekend (not this) should be warm with a ridge developing over California. That transition back to high pressure should also produce wind. It is spring, it'll be windy often.

In other news: the week-to-week lake levels continue to dip (as you'd expect without recent rains) and the U.S. Drought Monitor update was also released today.

The drought really didn't change much, measurably yes but only .04% in the "severe" and "extreme" categories but no change locally.