Friday looks quiet but the weekend could see some rain

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 08, 2023

It doesn't look like we're getting much of a break from active weather for the Central Coast. Even though the sun came out on Thursday temperatures still lagged behind the average.

Friday looks very similar to Thursday where interior temps we'll make a run at 80 degrees coastal valleys in the low to mid 70s and beaches in the 60s.

We'll see some early low cloud cover again but a clearing pattern similar to Thursday.

Saturday looks interesting: a low pressure system and trough in the jet stream will again arrive on the Central Coast.

More cloud cover is likely and some light scattered showers are possible on Saturday during the day.

What happens next is still a matter of some debate in the weather community. Some models show more rain and scattered thunderstorms Saturday night into Sunday while other models look at that. As mostly quiet.

Right now, I am leaning toward the more active solution and have included some early showers and thunderstorms on Sunday which may actually begin Saturday night. It does look like that activity should clear the area Sunday morning so much of the day on Sunday should be alright.

After that, Monday through Thursday looks pretty quiet inland temperatures start in the low 70s next week and slowly warm to the low 80s by Thursday coastal valleys will continue to see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with beaches in the 60s. All of that is still below average but at least we should see some sunshine during that.