Friday off to a windy start, ahead of a brief warm up

Posted at 4:26 AM, May 13, 2022

Good Morning Central Coast! Happy Friday, after this chilly week there are big changes in the forecast so let's jump right in!
The warming trend we have seen recently is continuing through Saturday where well above normal temperatures will move in.
We have another gusty (although warmer) day again today. We have wind advisories and warnings for large potions of the central coast this morning but even when they expire at 9am gusts will continue through the day and even into the weekend.

High pressure will push persistent offshore winds onto the region. This will lead to temperatures into the 90s possible inland.

Mid way through the weekend we shift slightly once again, a slight cooling trend will take over with some onshore winds. More marine influence will reestablish itself and keep us near normal for this time of year with some morning fog and afternoon sunshine through much of next week.

Unfortunately there isn't any chances for the much needed rain that many along the Central Coast are hoping for. This is particularly disappointing after the update to the US Drought Monitor that was released Thursday.

The Central Coast is now in "extreme" drought after being in "severe" drought for months. This means drought conditions have worsened. How? Well, the first three months of the year combined are among the driest (locally driest in 152 years, elsewhere the driest of all reliable records). Now we are paying for it with low lake levels and suffering ground cover.
Is this surprising? Not at all. Drought conditions generally get worse when the rain stops and temps increase. In fact, we were in worse shape 12 months ago but the summer outlook is for deepening drought with warmer than average highs and near average rain (which is nearly 0 on average). The winter rains would really have been disappointing had we not had large storms in October and December saving us from even worse drought conditions.