Heat advisory extended for interior valleys of San Luis Obispo County as heat wave continues

Posted at 5:37 PM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 01:33:26-04

It was a warm and sunny Memorial Day for the Central Coast, with limited cloud coverage for most areas.

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Temperatures were warmer than Sunday, but only by a couple of degrees.

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Temperatures are going to continue to warm in the inland areas of San Luis Obispo County, causing our Heat Advisory to be extended into Thursday in that location.

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With scorching temperatures, it's important to remember to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun when you can.

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The return of the fog along the coast will help with some cooling.

This dense fog can impact traveling in the morning hours, bringing down visibility on the roads and out on the water.

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Temperatures for everyone overnight will also provide some major relief from the warm afternoons.

Winds and seas are likely to remain quiet across all waters through Saturday.

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Stay safe out there!