Heat peaks and moisture dips today as pattern shifts

Clouds over the Central Coast
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Good Morning Central Coast! To kick off our Wednesday there is some marine cloud cover, mainly confined to less than 800ft in altitude (aka clear into the interiors and some coastal valleys). That being said the shallow marine layer may be dense at times limiting visibility on roads this morning.

Overnight lows are still sitting very high for this time of the year in the interiors. Typically lows near 50 are expected but the last several nights early morning low temps have been closer to the mid 60s to 70.

Today winds will begin to return to a more easterly flow and wrap in slightly more moisture from the monsoon to our east. That shift will introduce a non-zero chance of a shower in the eastern hills or the northern interior of SLO county and perhaps the higher elevations of Santa Barbara county but it also looks just to edge our area, more likely in Ventura or Kern Counties. The higher likelihood is that most, if not all, folks in our area don't see any activity at all from all this muggy unstable air surrounding us.

The larger impact will continue to be the warmer overnight lows from the high clouds trapping in the daily heat and the higher than average dew points.

Thursday will bring some cooling into the interior valleys of San Luis Obispo county. This will drop highs in those communities by 4 to 8 degrees and drop humidity as well all thanks to winds switching direction and pulling in more marine air.

Tropical storm Frank has weakened significantly and it no longer satisfies the criteria of a tropical cyclone. This doesn't mean what is left of Frank won't continue to shoot some high clouds into the area but it is not a major factor in the forecast. Models still suggest there is one more surge of clouds and perhaps a minor shower chance from the west relating to Frank-leftovers but at that, it only qualifies as a non-zero chance.

Coastal conditions are a mix of night and morning low clouds with occasional variable high cloud cover with temps in the coastal valleys running near average, perhaps slightly over. Beaches look to cool late this week into the weekend with stubborn marine clouds possible (some Fogust). Steady temps near (or slightly above) average are likely next week with garden variety weather conditions. In other words, a much less complicated weather pattern.

Have a great day Central Coast!