Heat wavers slightly pushing temperatures near normal for the forecast

Sunset on the Central Coast
Posted at 4:35 AM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 14:35:48-04

Good morning Central Coast, we made it to Friday! There is wonderful weather on the way for the weekend, and week ahead!

Overnight one San Luis Obispo community saw something exciting... Rain!!! It was very short lived and unfortunately did not fall over a rain gauge. The storm pushed through around 2:30am

To kick off the morning, marine influence is very minimal. Although there is cooler marine air sticking around through all of our coastal valleys and beaches that air is not dense enough to create widespread fog. This means that visibility is good for the morning commute.

Today temperatures will be warm in the interiors but not quite as hot as previous days. More onshore winds will pick up and push cooler air into the interior valleys. Gusts will be garden variety with peaks around 30 mph. The important part of them is the direction. NW winds will push that marine air inland.

We have reached a very stable pattern for the Central Coast recently. Beach and coastal conditions have barely wavered. Inland highs have wobbled up and down but generally stayed within about 5 degrees of average.

The reason for this is the weakening of high pressure locally and a slight increase in the depth of marine cooled air. This trend actually continues to cool us thru the weekend before warming again subtlety into the middle of next week. Even that will stay right around normal for this time of year.

Coastal conditions are largely unchanged with night and morning marine influence with afternoon clearing and a sea-breeze. Beaches will continue highs in the 60s, and coastal valleys in the 70s thru the weekend and much of next week.

Have a great weekend Central Coast!