High temps raise slightly alongside more marine influence

Vibrant flowers over the Central Coasts bluffs
Posted at 4:34 AM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 14:49:17-04

Good Morning Central Coast! To kick off our Tuesday morning we are monitoring a few areas of dense marine fog. This is mainly over weastern beaches and into some coastal valleys. Areas with most limited visibility include Santa Maria and the Lompoc valley.

On the farthest eastern flanks of the Central Coast there is some monsoon cloud cover building in. That will spread over the region through the day today but will be minimally impactful.

Like we have seen day after day the focus will still be on monsoon moisture, and the marine layer. Today (and through this week) we will also focus on another player... the jet stream pattern.

The monsoon will continue to mostly impact the western Rockies in Utah and Arizona and the marine layer is not changing its pattern much at all. On the other hand the jet stream is going to move from where it is sitting in a low pressure system off the coast of the Pacific Northwest farther north and will build a high pressure here on the Central Coast. That will work to warm up afternoon temps and bring more dense morning fog.

The warming will take place everywhere but will be most notable in the interior where highs go from the lower 90s on Tuesday to the triple digits Thursday thru at least Sunday.

At beaches and near coastal valleys we'll also see warming but muted somewhat by the already-present marine layer. It'll be the extent of that marine layer that will change over the next few days.

Beaches won't see a lot of change with most temps lingering in the 60s but coastal valleys will be in the 70s and 80s with the Southcoast also in the 70s and 80s heading into the weekend.

We have continued to watch areas near us get substantial rain from the summer monsoon but here on the Central Coast we are still very dry and just hoping for some rain. While none is coming this week it is not a total loss. The 8-14 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows a high likelihood of above-average highs with some monsoon potential later this month.

The monsoon rarely delivers enough beneficial rain to remove drought concerns, in fact it often has to be watched for lightning concerns. The consensus on warm conditions persisting, especially inland, will also be a fire weather concern later this month.

Have a great day Central Coast!