Hot inland to start the week and summer rain is possible in the forecast

Pismo Beach with low clouds
Posted at 4:38 PM, Aug 14, 2023

Temperatures to start the week are warm in the interior and that looks to linger for a couple of days before cooler conditions set in Friday through the weekend. Beaches and near coastal valleys will have night and morning low cloud cover and afternoon clearing. There's also a small temperature slide taking place Thursday through the weekend but it's less pronounced due to marine influence.

Radar showed some storms rolling thru the Shandon area but most folks missed this potential today:

The overall pattern is somewhat complex as there is some South to southeast steering at the mid-level pushing monsoonal moisture into parts of eastern California and the Sierra. This is producing some towering cumulus clouds which can be seen in the eastern sky and a few of those could turn into thunderstorms and be near our area but generally, it's more of a miss than a hit at least on Monday.

This overall flow pattern will continue over the next few days, but activity looks too Far East and South to be a local concern.


A pretty significant trough develops off the California coastline Thursday through the weekend which will flatten high pressure and allow cooler temperatures to return to the interior.


The extended forecast looks somewhat interesting based on what I'm seeing in some modeling. It looks like there's still a good amount of mid-level flow from the South and southeast and with tropical activity in the eastern Pacific basin some related moisture could sneak into the area next week Monday through Wednesday (and even earlier in SoCal (this weekend)). I haven't put rain in the forecast yet but it's possible and I'll be looking at upcoming model runs.