Hot interior valleys and mild coasts continue to kick off the workweek

Sunset and clouds over Templeton
Posted at 6:16 AM, Aug 14, 2023

Good morning, Central Coast!

To kick off the work week things are shaping up to be a picture perfect week across the region! I'll get the headline out of the way immediately, there is not major concerns about conditions this week.

That being said, temps in the interiors are hot once again with highs today pushing towards triple digits. Thankfully this is less dramatic than the last few hot stretches we have seen but it is still something to keep an eye on.

In the coastal valleys there is still enough marine air in place to make for a much more comfortable forecast, 70s in the coastal valleys, 60s at the beaches.

Inland areas are going to see some gusty conditions this afternoon. They aren't much above garden variety but it is still something you will likely notice. Wind gusts are expected to move up to 35 mph in Paso Robles this afternoon. While areas closer to the coast will see wind gusts below 20mph.

The overall pattern is all about monsoon moisture in the desert southwest. The combination of a upper level low pressure system off of our coast and a strong high pressure in Texas are drawing hot and moisture laden air into the desert southwest.

For the areas shaded in dark green, heavy downpours may bring some regional flooding. Light green will see some thunderstorm chances and for us... well other than warmer winds moving in from the east, very little. We may see some thunderheads in the distance as rain chances pick up slightly in the Central Valley.

Into the extended forecast highs for the interiors will stay hot for just a few more days, Wednesday night the monsoon pattern will dissipate enough for winds to shift. That will bring cooler marine air into the interior valleys and drop highs into the 80s.

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Have a great day Central Coast!