Inland heat remains until the end of the workweek

Coastal skies with some marine layer
Posted at 4:36 PM, Sep 08, 2021

The ridge of high pressure which was temporarily weakened yesterday as a minor disturbance rolled thru it regained dominance today and inland temperatures again were boosted above 100.

Inland temperatures were roughly ten or more degrees above average. Coastal temperatures also ran a little warmer than average but there was some marine influence, in fact this morning there was dense fog which prompted an advisory.

The ridge of high pressure responsible for all this will ultimately lose its position over the weekend.

The first thing that happens is a trough cuts thru NorCal on Friday. This will get the winds back onshore and temperatures come down across the board, by Monday most locations regardless of microclimate look to experience seasonal average highs. As this trough cuts thru NorCal some clouds and even showers are likely there but not locally as we are too far away.