Inland temps are crawling back to the triple digits this week

Avila Beach in orange light
Posted at 4:59 PM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 21:02:00-04

The monsoon continues to rages on to our east, actually causing some very rare flooding rains in one of the driest places on earth (the eastern CA desert).

Locally, temps have been up and down the last couple days but now a direction will develop for the rest of the week: warmer (away from the ocean).

A trough of low pressure rolled thru the jet stream off to our west and lowered the high pressure locally. As a result, interior highs dropped a few degrees today but we'll quickly get that back Wednesday as high pressure backs into California from the desert SW. Over several days this will be enough to push interior highs back over 100.

The deeper coastal valleys will also see a slow uptick on temps but the closer to the actual water you get the more minor these temperature changes will be due to increased marine influence muting the temperature change.

The generally warm to hot weather lingers into next week in the interior.

Long-range models continue to advertise a much further west movement of the western ridge in the 8-14 day outlook which will warm things up for the second half of the month and possibly bring monsoon instability all the way west to the Central Coast, though the Climate Prediction Center outlook today did place us on the western edge in the outlook released today.