Inland temps ease off into the weekend

People at Avila Beach
Posted at 4:28 PM, May 19, 2022

As expected Thursday was warm inland and in some coastal valleys but the Southcoast saw very stubborn clouds and stayed cool in the 60s for highs.

Friday offers some changes. Inland temps will cool quite a bit into the lower 80s. Coastal valleys and beaches cool a little but only for places like SLO where temps got into the mid-80s. Other coastal valleys and beaches were actually quite mild Thursday and will remain in similar territory Friday.

The reason for the cooling inland is that there is an upper-level trough digging into The West north and east of us. This will weaken high pressure and allow cooler air to be more deep in the atmospheric profile.

This general pattern lasts thru the weekend but late Sunday into Tuesday another ridge builds and greatly amplifies into mid-week next week.

This will return inland temps into the 90s. Interestingly coastal temps will be mild and beach temps cool. Winds look to be generally light which could mean more stubborn beach clouds cooling those locations and the nearby coastal valleys, acting as a buffer to the interior heat.

This breaks late next week with an expected trough arriving late in the week for cooling next Friday into the following weekend with some higher winds.

The big news today is actually the lake levels continuing to drop.

Earlier this week Lake Lopez stopped the use of the boat launch, only hand launches are allowed of smaller items.

The Climate Prediction Center came out with their revised 90-day outlook (basically the summer forecast) which remained warm and dry for the Central Coast, but interestingly almost all of the United States can expect a warmer than average summer.

The U.S. Drought Monitor for California didn't show much week-to-week change, and no change locally but a very small amount of "exceptional drought" was indicated in far Southeastern California.