Inland temps set to warm again into the coming weekend

Sunset in Cayucos
Posted at 4:33 PM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 20:43:40-04

The Wednesday conditions for the Central Coast are interesting, a combination we don't see often. Inland temperatures are warm in the 90s but some beaches and near coastal valleys are dramatically cooler than yesterday thanks to marine influence rushing back in.

Additionally, we are watching the radar today as an upper low is drawing in some instability. For the most part, the thunderstorms have remained east and either north or south of us.

The position of the low (and the projected movement) doesn't look favorable for us to see much thunderstorm activity.

This is a good thing, while thunderstorms can provide brief heavy rainfall this is not the kind of activity likely to bring beneficial rains to large enough of an area. In fact, the opposite is true: storms are more likely to cause problems. Dry lightning can cause fires, and we are seeing elevated lightning with the storms today.

The Storm Prediction Center had this well in hand yesterday and the current outlooks have the Central Coast in the potential area, but really on the edge of it and thus far we have not seen much development.

The upper low starts to lift out of the area Thursday and storms do not appear likely locally again. Instead, it looks like there will be a slight increase in upper atmospheric heights which translates to some additional warming inland.

In fact, over the next several days inland temps and deeper coastal valley temps rise. Beaches and near coastal valleys look to maintain marine influence as temps level off thru the weekend.