Inland temps slide into Friday but warm over the weekend as coastal conditions continue to see little change

MaRie C. QuiRos
Posted at 8:17 PM, Aug 04, 2022

We still have a lot of high clouds over the area on Thursday, the source has flipped back from former tropical leftovers from the west to the lingering summer monsoon to the east. The net impact of this change in high cloud sourcing is low, just some minor drop in dew points (in other words just slightly less muggy).

The rain chances locally are again non-zero but very close to zero.

The monsoon is unstable when the moisture of the air combines with heat, a lot of this happens at higher elevations, and with an easterly flow pattern it is always possible in this scenario to see something fire in the high country of Ventura or even Santa Barbara counties. The SLO hills (mountains) are lower and as a result less likely to produce such activity. That said, I think the Sierra will continue to be the focal point of summer monsoon rain/thunderstorm/lightning activity. Some realignment of the jet stream over the weekend into early next week should shift the most active area of the monsoon back to the east.

The messaging of the forecast is largely unchanged. A little cooler inland today and tomorrow and some warming over the weekend into the middle of next week will place temps a few degrees above averages.

At the beaches and coastal valleys, there isn't much-anticipated change as the marine layer is already a big part of the forecast so it smoothes out some of the dynamic nature of the trends. It shows much more inland due to limited marine influence this time of year.