Marine layer continues to cool temps across the Central Coast

Coastal skies with some marine layer
Posted at 3:36 PM, May 23, 2023

Good evening!

We will continue to see cooler temperatures during the current work week, as it is influenced by the marine clouds that have been coming through our coastal regions, making their way into the interior valleys.

Possible mist and drizzle will be present throughout the dense fog areas along the Central Coast.

Along some areas of the interior valleys, cities like Cuyama will see temperatures near 80 degrees tomorrow. While some of our coastal beaches will stay cool in the 50s.

As you begin your day tomorrow, you can expect to see mostly cloudy skies and some sun coming out later in the day throughout the Central Coast valleys, some beaches may not see much clearing at all.

One of the key issue is that winds will not be very strong, peaking around 15mph near the coast which will not be fast enough to promote fast clearing of the clouds.

Central Coast Skies

Temperatures will continue to stay quite similar during the week, but we will notice a gradual change as we head into the Memorial Day weekend, with temperatures moving up to the mid and upper 60s, and interior valleys warming to around 80 by Sunday and Monday. Even with this kind of warming temps will remain near or slightly below average.